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Patience Chapter 2: Saki the Interrogator


Alright guys so time for a little bit of more explanation of my relationship with Mia. That last one was just of how we finally talked to each other and now in this one good old best friend Saki hears the story of what she missed out on after practice.

2 years ago

(DS’s PC chatting with Saki online)

S4K1: lol she walked with you home? So how did that feel having miss popular walking with you?

Dee-Es: eh it was kinda awkward. She tried acting like she didn’t know we lived right next door to each other. For Miss Popular she’s a shy person.

S4K1: Shy huh? Well I don’t blame her to be like that around guys. All her boyfriends were all A$$3$ to her. So I’m guessing that’s why she was shy.

5 Minutes later:

Dee-Es has gone idle

I was just about to go back to the computer before Saki would notice I was gone, but I guess she got impatient and just came over.

"Let me guess you were working on your little romance anime again and forgot you were online huh?" Saki spoke out as she let herself in through the front door.

Yeah guys Saki has been my best friend forever that my mom gave her a key to the house, but don’t think that way she has a girlfriend even though nobody knows about it except for me and now you guys.

I couldn’t really lie to my own best friend and she was right I was working on one of my failure anime stories about some guy named D-Jae and his adventures through gaming and trying to find a girlfriend. There I go again going off topic. “Yeah I was sorry, but i was just heading to the convenient store for some ice-cream you should come with. I’ll tell you the rest of the story.”

Saki knew she couldn’t resist ice-cream and love stories about her own best friend. So she went along.

We were heading out the door until something really awkward happened. We saw Mia taking out the trash and was just staring at us like she just saw a ghost.

I had to break the silence because awkward moments are awkward. “Hey Mia we’re heading out to get some ice-cream wanna come with?”

"AWWWW ISN’T THAT CUTE LITTLE DS OVER HERE IS ASKING A GIRL TO GET SOME ICE-CREAM!" Saki couldn’t help, but burst out laughing. "Seriously though Mia come with us after all we’re all on the same team. It would be good BONDING time."

Yup that’s Saki for you making everything awkward….I guess she get’s that from her mom. I’m used to it though. I wouldn’t really care if Mia came with us or not. “You can come along if you like, but I don’t want you to get bored because all we talk about is video games and anime.”

"If you don’t mind…I could go for some ice-cream." Mia said with a shy awkward voice.

I was pretty surprised she agreed to go, but hey the more the merrier so its alright. “Oh so Mia this is my best friend Saki she’s on the team also.”

"Wassup Mia! I heard you and DS walked home together so you wassup with that?" Saki questioned Mia like a cop in an interrogation room.

Mia started to panic. She wasn’t used to being asked questions like that. “Oh sorry I didn’t know you guys were like that…”

Did she just say what I think she just said???? Man that was too funny. “NO NO NO NO WAY ME AND SAKI HAHAHA WE’RE LIKE SIBLINGS….and besides I’m sure she would go for you more than going for me..” Of course I whispered the last part.

"Yeah no way me and DS could go out hahaha I’m already taken anyways, but anyways do you have a liking to good ol’ DS over here? I mean I don’t blame you he’s probably the nicest guy around for a nerd." Saki began bragging about her own best friend to get him some brownie points.

I had to get Saki to stop talking about me like that to Mia or else she would get the wrong idea. “Hey look we’re here what kind of ice-cream did you want?” Hopefully thinking of flavors would keep them distracted. I personally went for my all time favorite Mint Chocolate Chip.

"Oh I’ll get a Mint Chocolate Chip flavored ice-cream that one is my favorite" Mia answered with a big smile.

Saki couldn’t help but giggle after hearing that. “French Vanilla for me and wow Mia you and DS have the same favorite flavor.”

This was getting worst and worst I had to keep distracting them with something else because it seems like Saki has gone to her nonstop mode for matchmaking. “Here I’ll pay for it. Let’s head back before Mia’s parents get worried.”

We finally start walking back, but then Saki decided to have some private chat time with Mia on the way back and I never found out what they were talking about. “Well we’re back. That was pretty fast.”

Saki gave Mia a hug and me a jab to the arm and said her good byes as she had to head back home. “Well see you guys at school I’m way tired so I’m heading home. Hey DS get back online so we can chat again.”

Mia waved good bye to Saki and I just nodded my head. “Well I guess I should head inside as well. Enjoy the ice-cream.” It was really the only thing I could say at that time.

"Hey DS…can I get your screen name? We could chat online sometime." Mia said while looking down at her ice-cream.

Well that was unexpected of her to say, but I didn’t really over think it. “Yeah sure its D E E - E S, I’m always online so if you wanna talk just message me.” As we finished the trade of screen names Mia finally went into her house.

Current time:

There we go that whole incident started a somewhat fun start of a friendship with Mia. Of course I never found out what those two were talking about that day. Either way I’m sure it wasn’t bad.

Thanks to the whole switching screen names I found out that Mia was actually as much of a nerd as I was. Watching anime and video games were her thing as well, but she couldn’t really tell her group of friends because she was embarrassed. So I made her agree to hide our friendship from the rest of the school so no rumors would start.

Maybe keeping that a secret was the reason all this confusion started…ugh I guess I’ll end it here. Thinking of her and the past is making me miss her even more.


Patience Chapter 1: You Ever Have That Feeling…?

You ever have that feeling where you know the person you’re with/was with/kinda still with…. I don’t know how to explain. Let’s start from the beginning shall we. The name is Dong Sun, DS for short. Senior in High School at Fenix Academy, best friend with Saki Y. Believe it or not, but Saki and I are probably the 2 nerdiest students at F.A. and yet we’re on the most popular school team even though nobody notices us…Sorry getting off topic there.

So my point is have you ever loved someone so much that you know you want to be with them no matter what? Even though your current status quo in the school is completely opposite from your partner? Well you’ve never been to F.A.

I Dong Sun am/was/still dating one of the former most popular girls in the school and her name is Mia, but wait I’m sure your asking yourself “DS if you’re a nerd then how did you get that kind of girl? And why former most popular?”

That’s a good question to tell you the truth. You know that quote “Nice Guys Finish Last?” Well yeah that line is semi true for me. Well for that part about former most popular…she no longer goes to F.A.

Let’s start here with how I got Mia to talk to me and then go into how I got into this confusing relationship for 2 years now.

2 Years Ago

F.A. Gymnasium After School (Kendo Team)

"Alright everybody get into groups of 3 and take turns sparring as one sits out and watches for bad habits and mistakes!" The coach blows his whistle alerting the team to begin.

Well here we are folks F.A.’s Kendo Team. It’s a pretty big team we have the huge group of wannabe hardcore jocks trying to look good in front of the girls on one side and you have me the 2nd best person on the team for the boys team and 2nd best on the girl’s team Saki on the other side trying to find a 3rd even though we surprisingly don’t exist.

"Ugh Saki why did you drag me to join this team again? I mean yeah I know we’ve been best friends for 6 years now, but it’s always the same thing every practice. We always need to find a partner and we always end up practicing with the coach." Yup as you can tell that’s me. I never really wanted to join the team, I actually got dragged into it.

Getting up from her stretches Saki started to giggle a bit. “Well Mom says I need to stop staying indoors watching anime and playing video games and my uncle just happened to be the coach and I didn’t wanna do this alone.”

So that’s Saki Y. best friend of 6 years, anime and video game loving friend of mine. She’s practically my sister, even her mom considers me her son sometimes.

"Look at them Saki! They only joined this team just because Miss Mia is on the team. They don’t care about anything else." As you can tell I’m not really fond of the popular group, except for Mia she’s been a nice person since she transferred here in 7th grade.



All kinds of requests were being yelled to Mia causing her to be flustered and not know how to answer everybody without making anybody feel bad.

"This is so annoying. It’s like this everyday!" I was really irritated I couldn’t take it after 2 years of this every season. I had to do something to end it…and it just hit me like a Kendo Sword to the head. "Hey Saki I’m going to get us a 3rd member today."

Saki looked up in confusion. “Wait wha….oh he’s gone already.”

This was probably the dumbest idea ever, but I couldn’t take it anymore. It was a good thing nobody really noticed me, it was super easy to get to the front of the group of perverted guys and popularity crazed girls.

"Hey Mia come on me and Saki need one more and since you’re the best on the girl’s team it would help Saki out to see what she’s doing wrong. After all she’s right under you in the rankings." Yup this is probably my dumbest idea ever. I got so many eyes of murder on me and good old captain isn’t here to save me since he went to Japan for training and doesn’t come back until close to the middle of the season.


I wanted to be the nice guy and not say anything, but these idiots needed to be dealt with.

"Hmmmm let’s see you’re asking me why I get to practice with Mia and you don’t? That’s simple! I actually try on this team and you’re what number 34 out of 40 on our guys team? Yeah that’s right I know all of your rankings. All you guys care about is trying to impress Mia with your so called skills in the art of swordsmanship when none of you won a single brackets match and it all depended on me and the captain to win the whole thing. Have you ever thought of what if Mia doesn’t like show offy guys? No? Well guess what last time I checked she doesn’t." Wow that even scared me. I didn’t know I could yell like that. Well after that Mia actually agreed practice with me and Saki.

It was the first time in a while where I actually had a good workout at practice and it ended so quickly that we all had to go home. Unfortunately today was the day Saki had to go to her cousins house for a birthday so I had to walk home by myself. Until I heard footsteps running towards me from behind. I was expecting an angry teammate, but when I took off my headphones and looked to my side it was Mia.

"Hey DS I didn’t know you lived this way. Mind if I walk with you?" Mia asked in a shy, but sweet voice.

I couldn’t help but laugh at what she said to me. “Mia you’re such a bad liar, we’ve next door neighbors since we’ve been in 7th grade and I don’t mind, but are you sure you don’t want to ruin your image by walking with this nerd?”

Mia was dumbstruck at what I just said to her. “Oh I thought you didn’t notice that we were neighbors. After all we haven’t really talked at all. By the way how did you know i hated conceited guys?”

Man I really should have watched what I said at practice now I sound like a stalker.

"Your first day here you explained to us that when you’re annoyed you brush your bangs behind your ear and everyday when those guys start showing off you always do that little small habit of yours." Yeah that totally made me sound stalker-ish.

Mia gave off a small giggle. “You remembered that? Well that was really sweet of you to help me out earlier. You’re really a nice guy. Well you like to say aigoo when you get annoyed or frustrated.”

WOW! When did she notice I say that?

I was so surprised by that response that I didn’t realize we were in front of our houses.

"Well DS I’m home. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow." Mia walked in her home waving when she shut the door.

Present Time:

Yup that’s how we I guess became friends and I know what you guys are thinking, “Wow you guys hit it off great I’m not surprised you guys got together.”

Well….. there’s still a lot to go through folks, but I never would have thought that she would be the one would fall in love with.

It’s getting late so I’ll get to the next part of this story of my love life later.